Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless steel is one of the most common materials used for fasteners due to its stability, strength and anti-corrosive and high heat properties. Its combination of the strength of steel with its superior anti-corrosion and heat-resistance properties result in a versatile, economic alloy.  Stainless steel is available in three main grades – austentic (300 series), martensitic and duplex.  The 300 series of stainless steel is the most common and is used for sanitary applications due to its ease of cleaning and corrosion-resistance.  Martensitic stainless steel screws, bolts, nuts and studs are extremely strong and easily machined.  Duplex alloys are stronger and more corrosion-resistant than the other alloys. Contact us today for your stainless steel needs!

Common uses for stainless steel fasteners include:

  • Components that are exposed to saltwater, chemicals or other corrosive environments
  • High wear parts
  • Sanitary equipment
  • Components that are exposed to high heat and high stress
  • Components that require superior strength and stability.

Eastwood manufactures custom fasteners using all grades of stainless steel, including 300, 400, 500 and specialty alloys.  We are experienced in machining the different stainless steel alloys, and can manufacture fasteners with exacting tolerances in non-standard configurations.  Our fasteners are manufactured to MIL-I 45208 standards, and we can manufacture to ASTM, SAE, and DIN standards if required.

We are committed to manufacturing the highest quality stainless steel fasteners, and our experienced staff will work with you from your initial call through delivery of a production-ready product to ensure that your part is manufactured to your exact specifications.

Call for a quote for your stainless steel fastener. We have stainless steel available in the following grades:

302 316L 410

Alloy 20

303 316 CL 2 416 Nitronic 60
304 316 Cond. B 420 AL6XN
304L 317 422 904L
304 CL. 2 317L 430 254 SMO
304 Cond. B 317LM 431 2205
309 321 440 A286
310 330 501 2507
316 347 17-4 PH Zeron
A4-70 A4-80


A286 is a durable alloy with advanced precipitation hardening characteristics, and is ideal for use in demanding field conditions.

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17-4 PH

Also known as Type 630, 17-4 PH stainless steel is a cost-effective solution for applications demanding high strength and moderate-to-high levels of corrosion resistance.

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