Industries Served

Eastwood Manufacturing specializes in manufacturing a wide range of industrial application fasteners.  We produce specialty fasteners to meet OEM product requirements and stocking items for industrial distributors that require inventory of non-standard fasteners.   At Eastwood, we are experts in working with non-standard and special materials and configurations to meet unique application and industry requirements.  We offer a full line of fasteners, including custom industrial screws, bolts, nuts, studs and other special fasteners, manufactured to extremely tight tolerances and to exact specifications.

Some of the industrial application fasteners we manufacture serve purposes for:

  • Military – Fasteners specially designed to withstand the stress of high temperature, high wear and corrosive environments such as engines, motors, heat exchangers and process equipment.  We offer a wide range of diameters, lengths and thread configurations using stainless steel, copper alloys, alloy steels, nickel alloys and exotic alloys.
  • Oilfield – Fasteners manufactured using stainless steel, tool alloys, nickel alloys and exotic metals that will perform well in the high stress, corrosive environment found in oilfield and mining applications. Our fasteners are used in drilling rigs, tanks and pumping equipment.
  • Turbine & Power Generation – Fasteners used in electrical equipment, turbines, motors, exhaust systems, pumping systems and storage vessels.  Nickel alloys, aluminum, steel alloys and stainless steel are used for their strength, high wear and anti-corrosive properties.  Copper alloys are used for their conductive properties.
  • Chemical Refining – Fasteners manufactured using stainless steel, tool alloys, nickel alloys and exotic metals that will perform well in the high stress, corrosive environment found in chemical processing applications. Our fasteners are used in heat exchangers, exhaust systems, tanks and vessels, and processing equipment.
  • Marine – Fasteners that perform well in the harsh marine environment without corroding.  Copper alloys are ideal for the marine environment and bronzes perform well in saltwater applications.  In addition, stainless steel and aluminum are also popular materials.  Our fasteners are used for decks, ramps, bulkheads, tanks and a wide range of products and components.
  • Replacement parts – We manufacture replacement fasteners for unique OEM products as well as specialty fasteners that are used in custom products.

Eastwood has the fastener for your unique application!

Our experienced staff and state-of-the-art production facilities ensure that your fasteners will be manufactured to exact requirements and the highest quality standards, and will meet your production deadlines. We have the capabilities to manufacture to extremely tight tolerances, and offer forging, machining and grinding services.  A full range of sizes, shapes and thread configurations is available.

Eastwood is committed to manufacturing to the highest quality standards and providing each customer with production-ready fasteners.  We manufacture to MIL-I 45208 standards and can manufacture to a wide ranges of ASTM, SAE, DIN and customer-defined specifications.  Dimensional, mechanical and chemical certifications are available and we can certify tensile strength for material.  Formal inspection reports can be provided. We have the production capabilities to manufacture quantities from prototype and small runs through full production runs.

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